Cierra Victoria

CIERRA VICTORIA is a teenage artist, illustrator, and photographer who has been passionate about art since the age of six.  She uses bold colors paired with elements of anthropomorphism to bring her drawings to life. Cierra has a love for animals and her art is highly inspired by them. Her photography is high contrast and she uses selective focus for an “in your face” effect. Cierra has attended an art magnet school during her elementary school years, participated in all the art clubs in her middle school years, and now she is anticipating her participation in the Academy of the Arts program at her High school.  In her spare time,  Cierra enjoys studying the animal anatomy, reading Wings of Fire, watching animations on YouTube, hanging out at the beach, and collecting  fossils, sea shells, and stones.  Although born in Houston, TX where she has spent most of her life, she has lived in central Florida and currently resides in Hampton Roads, VA.

Caliyah E. Orphey

CALIYAH E. ORPHEY  is nine years old and she’s starting the fourth grade this school year.  Caliyah lives with her mother, father, and brother in Houston, Texas, and she attends school there.   Caliyah is an honor roll student, and her favorite subjects are science, reading, and language.  Caliyah is a member of Higher Dimension Church, and is very active in the youth program.  She’s participated in competitive dance for the past five years, and during her free time she enjoys reading, writing, drawing and going to the movies.

Açil Pichon

Açil Pichon is a Louisiana native who enjoys writing realistic stories.  She thrives to entertain readers, but her main goal is to enlighten, inspire, and motivate others to become better people by finding and latching hold of faith.  Açil is an educator first, so above all, she attempts to educate.  She hopes that her readers learn valuable lessons from the culmination of emotional struggles her characters face.